Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club




Bonspiels and Competitive Curling 2017.18

This year Hirsch Creek will be sponsoring three major bonspiels.  

Funspiel Nov. 4th Great opportunity for everyone to get involved.  Teams are made up of any combination of curlers, some families put in a team!   Prizes are all draw prizes,  object is to have fun competing.  

Aluminum City / Snowflake Nov. 24th – 26th   Our combined Men’s and Ladies Competitive Bonspiel…. We encourage all league members to come out to this one since it is our way of supporting our club.  The more local curlers participating the better the event and the more hospitality we can show those who travel to participate with us!  

Industrial Challenge Feb. 24th   This bonspiel  is a competition among  businesses or places of employment.  At least two participants should be from or retired from a particular employer.  For example  the District of Kitimat might put in a team with a retired district curler and one currently employed as a district worker…. The two additional members can be from any other employment.  Here we compete for a trophy and all other prizes are draw prizes.  This bonspiel is competitive, but a lot of fun!

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