PGA Instruction

PGA Instruction

We are excited to help you improve your game!  Our Head Professional, Dan Martin has put together a list of programs for all golfers looking to take up the game or improve their current abilities.  From junior camps to women’s beginner classes our V1 video technology will provide excellent feedback along with a follow-up video for students to see their progress at each stage of development.

Adult $60 | Series of 3: $150 plus GST
Junior $30 | Series of 3: $75 plus GST

Adult Group of 2: $4O per person | Series of 3-$96 per person
Adult Group of 3: $30 per person | Series of 3-$72per person
Adult Group of 4 or more: $25 per person | Series of 3-$60 person

  • 1 person $180
  • 2 people $95 each
  • 3 people $75 each
Improvement Starts Here

Golf’s most power Video instruction platform that helps Professional Instructors deliver better lessons and helps golfers improve their games.

Your video lesson can show your golf swing in normal speed, slow motion and frame by frame. I can also split the screen and put your swing beside a PGA or LPGA Professional for comparison. At the end of the lesson you will receive an email video lesson summary for your review. Video is optional.

Dan Martin, PGA of Canada Head Professional
Office: 250-632-4653 | email:

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