Club Memberships

Personal or corporate membership packages available

Social Membership

A flexible membership plan with transferable passes, sponsorship recognition and special event presence all rolled into one package. This package also provides transferable passes that come without restrictions.

Designed for members of HCG&WC to enjoy the social aspect of our membership, events and take advantage of discounts and our busy social calendar.

  • Any person 18 + years
  • Annual Membership Dues: $350
  • A person may remain a Social Member provided the “Social Member Fee” is paid each year to become a Member in Good Standing. 
  • A Social Member has access to and may participate in all activities and services afforded to a Member in Good Standing based on availability.

Membership Categories

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Member Activity Fees

Each year, members Activity Fees are payable prior to enjoying membership privileges. Golf Activity Fees are due April 1st and Curling Activity Fees October 1st.

(one night curling)
Senior Couple$2110Senior Couple$1850Senior Couple$400
Senior (60yrs)$1095Senior (60yrs)$1000Senior (60yrs)$225
Adult Couple $2550Adult Couple$2250Adult Couple $450
Adult $1330Adult $1205Adult $250
Young Adult 23-29$725Young Adult 23-29$575Young Adult$225
Young Adult 18-22$550Young Adult 18-22$425Young Adult 18-22$180
Junior 13-17$380Junior (13-17)$300Junior (13-17)$115
Junior 7-12$215Junior (7-12)$200Junior (7-12)$115

Annual Service Fees

Members in good standing are welcome to enjoy a number of additional services provided by Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club. Golf Service fees are due April 1st and Curling Services October 1st.

Annual Range Pass $150Annual Locker: Jan 1$65
Golf Bag Storage$150Power Cart Storage $300
Golf Bag / Pull Cart Storage$200Power Cart Trail Fees Only$300
Junior Golf Bag Storage$150Single Annual Cart Pass$600
Golf Locker: April 1$40Couple Annual Cart Pass$900
Curling Locker: Oct 1$40

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